Tanker Services

These include Sewage collections, cleaning & emptying of Grease Traps & Oil Interceptors and Gully Cleaning.

Sewage Collections

Peachy Services can provide you a reliable and affordable service, whether you’re a domestic or a commercial customer, we’re here to help.

We have in depth experience of emptying Septic tanks and Cesspits and always look to keep our tanker prices fair.

We have a fleet of vehicles at our disposal of varying capacities to suit all requirements, from smaller Tankers for ease of access to those difficult to reach areas, to larger 4,000 gallon Tankers for commercial and industrial sites. We also carry extra length of pipe to reach those hard to get to places.

Grease Traps

Grease Traps can be the source of bad odours and if not regularly emptied can cause blockages up to your kitchens.

Peachy Services can arrange for your Grease Trap to be emptied and washed down on scheduled collections to eliminate bad odours and built up waste which can cause problems to your drainage system. Disposal is at a licensed Site and all Duty of Care paperwork is supplied for your records.

Peachy Services will also shortly be offering our range of Grease Dosing Systems – more details to follow.

Oil Interceptors

Regular cleaning and emptying of oil interceptor systems helps protect you against the possibility of environmental incidents.

Which could be extremely costly — in fines and clean up charges, not to mention damage to the environment.

Peachy Services can plan to ensure that your interceptors are emptied when necessary, or with scheduled collections. Regular interceptor cleaning and timely action can prevent costly and unnecessary remedial action.

Gully Cleaning

Road gullies are designed to handle surface water and to retain debris-usually leaves and silts, to prevent them entering the drainage system and causing pipe blockages and flooding.

With the risk of flooding increasing year on year and record levels of rain fall in certain areas, the need for cleaning road gullies has become even more significant and relevant.

Peachy Services can arrange for scheduled visits or a one-off visit to your site, for a gully sucker to undertake the cleaning of all gullies, ensuring the removed waste is disposed of correctly meeting legislation.